Infrastructure Traineeships

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The NSW Government Infrastructure Traineeship Program is a great way to earn while getting valuable on-the-job experience that supports the growth of metro and regional communities across New South Wales. 

The industry demand for skilled people is high with 9 out of 10 trainees that will continue to work in the sector after completing the Infrastructure program. In this 2-year program you will gain experience across difference sectors like government, industry and consultancy. Choose between a Cert IV in Project Management, Procurement & Contracting or Business.

Traineeships to choose from:


What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a type of vocational training (training under a supervisor) where you will earn a wage and complete a course at the same time. 

A traineeship is just like an apprenticeship, but often takes place in an office environment. These traineeships take 24 months to complete and upon completion you will receive a Certificate IV in your chosen field.

Hear from our trainees who have joined the program

Infrastructure testimonial from Natalie Carruthers

Get an insight from Natalie Carruthers!

Natalie Carruthers is completing her Certificate IV in Project Management Practice through the infrastructure program. Not only does she get support and guidance - the program also gives her a 360 degree experience in the infrastructure industry with support. 

Natalie has described her experience with the program so far as "Life-changing, eventful and fulfilling" and the advice she would give to school leavers who are considering applying is "Just apply! It is seriously life-changing! You not only gain experience in the infrastructure industry, you become further independent and grow as an individual."

NSW Government Infrastructure Traineeship, a road to a fulfilling career for school leavers!

Hear from our trainees who have joined the program and how it has paved a way after leaving school for a rewarding career and pathway towards pursuing a higher education through University degrees. 

Gain insights about how they achieved their career pathways, the diverse skill sets they have gained through different roles, and the impact that they have had while working in remote communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend class?

Yes, you will need to attend TAFE online courses outside of the workplace.

If you are successful, you will earn $38,000 annual salary*
*Based on NSW Traineeship award wage

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