How We Can Support Your Child

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Apprenticeship Careers Australia is a Group Training Organisation (GTO) that directly hires the best apprentices and trainees and places them with leading local host employers all around the country.

Apprenticeship Careers Australia - Support

At Apprenticeship Careers Australia we support your child through the whole process:

  • We work with your child to identify what career path will best match their skills and interests
  • We organise interviews with potential employers and coach your child to ensure they are suitably prepared
  • We work with your child to assist with and organise their studies at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • We provide ongoing support and assistance both in the workplace and with their studies
  • We look after all the administration, paperwork and pay, including helping your child access their student concession entitlements
  • The safety net of knowing if your child’s relationship with their host employer doesn’t work out (or if the employer is unable to retain them), we’ll find them a new host employer.

What's more we are backed by the Australian Business Chamber movement so we have the experience, expertise and reputation to help your child launch a successful career.

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