Procurement and Contracting traineeship


A procurement officer, also known as a purchasing manager, plays an important role in any organisation. They ensure that the company makes wise purchases of goods or services to resell or use. The demand for the services of purchasing managers has increased.

Working as a procurement officer comes with several duties that are integral to the organisation’s success.


Types of tasks/activities completed in the role

The activities you will be involved in will depend on the project you’re working on, but examples include:

  • Encouraging compliance with legislation in the public sector
  • Planning procurement
  • Developing and distributing requests for offers
  • Selecting providers and developing contracts
  • Gather and analyse information

Skills you will need

  • Good analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Are safety conscious
  • Positive and professional attitude
  • Good communication skills

Career options available

  • Purchasing Officer: you will prepare purchase orders, monitor supply sources and negotiate contracts with suppliers
  • Procurement Officer: you are responsible for assessing products, services and suppliers and negotiating contracts. You’re also responsible for ensuring that approved purchases are of a sufficient quality and are cost-efficient.

Potential entry level qualifications

  • Certificate IV in Procurement and Contracting
  • Diploma in Procurement and Contracting

Looking to start your career in Procurement and Contracting?

Traineeships are a great way to kick-start your career. You get paid on-the-job training, whilst also completing a nationally recognised qualification.


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