Beginning a new career due to COVID-19

Posted on 21/04/2022

Patrice was looking for a change after managing her own business in hospitality became a challenge due to COVID-19. When her friend told her about the More Jobs More Care program, she decided to sign up, “I wanted an opportunity to provide care to others in what I believe was a rewarding industry.”

The program, an initiative by the NSW Government and delivered by Apprenticeship Careers Australia, has given her the chance to start a new career in the disability support sector. Patrice said the mentors were supportive and helped guide her through the course.

To say she loves it would be an understatement. Patrice told us, “I’ve learnt to see what exactly is involved in the industry and I benefitted by gaining employment as a disability support worker. Also, meeting different clients and being able to make a small difference in their lives (is rewarding).”

Despite the challenges she faces in the job, she said it has been rewarding as she learns how to work with different types of people, their individual personality types, and tailoring to their needs. Patrice said her skill in handling customers when she managed her business also came in handy, “I’ve had to work with clients in the past and this helped me to connect with them.”

As her career in the disability support industry progresses, she is encouraging more people to sign up for the More Jobs More Care (MJMC) program.

MJMC provides them with free pre-employment training that they need to work in the disability support sector. Patrice believes everyone should give it a go. She said: “Meeting clients, connecting with them, and making a difference in their day-to-day lives is wonderful.”

The More Jobs More Care program gives you the opportunity to contribute to your community, meet new people, and most importantly, make a difference in the lives of others. If you have always had the passion to help others or wants to start a career in this rewarding sector, this program is a great opportunity for you.

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