Growing the disability support sector across NSW

Are you empathetic, caring and good at building relationships? Would you love to find out more about a career path where you will make a positive change in your community?

More Jobs More Care (MJMC) is an NSW Government initiative to grow the disability support workforce across NSW. Apprenticeship Careers Australia (ACA) has been selected by the NSW Government to help increase the talent pool and improve access to individual support for those living with disability.


Start a rewarding career in disability support

More Jobs more Care offers a unique opportunity to kickstart a career as a disability support worker. The FREE 4-weeks program includes a minimum of 4 accredited module, hands on experience working as a disability support worker and the opportunity to fast track into an accredited traineeship in Individual Support. Candidates will also receive mentoring throughout the program and professional development upon commencing work.

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Growing a motivated individual support workforce

By joining the More Jobs More Care program NDIS providers across NSW have the opportunity to host candidates for work experience and/or a full traineeship (Certificate III in Individual Support). There is also the opportunity to grow your workforce by employing them directly at the end of their work experience of traineeships. Candidates will participate in a 4-week training course and will have completed all mandatory NDIS checks as part of the program. 

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A career in happiness - hear from individuals who find meaning in their support work

The disability support sector is changing the everyday lives of many Australians, making it a meaningful career full of purpose. Here are some of the amazing stories from individuals working in the disability care sector.

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More Jobs More Care in the news

Recently, 10 News featured two of ACA’s trainees, Ashley Sandor and Rachel McAulay, on the passion and motivation they have working in the disability support sector and what drives them.