More Jobs More Care - a life changing experience

Posted on 28/04/2022

Moving to a new country and starting everything afresh is challenging but Asia did not give up. She was constantly looking for opportunities and one day whilst scrolling through Facebook, she came across the More Jobs More Care program advertisement.

She decided to sign up after reading the details of the program. “I found it interesting as I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and I am a people person,” she said. At the same, Asia had just completed her Certificate III in Community Services.

Assisted by a Registered Training Organisation, Asia felt she was encouraged and supported every step of the way, “(my trainer) took extra time with me, helped me to find and understand my vision and goal…She knew my personality aligned with what I was training for.”

Asia has fallen in love with the industry and enjoys the time she spends with her clients. She told us being present and listening to their stories and seeing them smile is one of the best feelings ever.

“My aim is to make them feel valued and important… and telling them they have equal rights like everyone else,” she shared. As her career progresses, Asia is encouraging more people to work in the sector and to consider signing up for the More Jobs More Care program as it has given her a many new skills.

She told us, “Anyone who wants equality in society and wants to see holistic progress of society must consider a career in this sector. If you (have) good communication skills, reliability, respect, and (are) committed to helping people with disabilities, you should consider a career in this industry. I personally feel very blessed to help and assist vulnerable people in our community.”

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