A new career in disability support, Ellie hasn't looked back

Posted on 20/11/2021

For her, the career switch came at a right time; she wanted to contribute and give back to the community. Stuart, a former administrator, said: “I’m so glad I decided to take that leap. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

She enjoys her new role as a disability support worker and is thankful for the new experiences, knowledge, and skills she gained over the past few months. 

Aside from supporting the participants in achieving their daily goals and helping them to learn new skills, Stuart has also formed strong and meaningful bonds with them. “They’ve taught me so much about living with a disability and how it doesn’t halt their ability to live independent and meaningful lives.”

Stuart says working in the disability support sector offers her some flexibility around her schedule and she has been able to upskill and enrol in a traineeship that allowed her to further develop her skills and role in the industry. The experience for her has been rewarding and she believes the disability support sector offers rich opportunities for young people.

Encouraging young people to give the sector a chance, she said: “You get a chance to experience all types of different support and each day is different. You also get the chance to make meaningful and positive impacts in people’s lives. I am grateful to work in this sector and meet the people I have met.”