We hit the streets of Newcastle

Posted on 14/05/2018
Apprenticeship Careers Australia (ACA), NSW Business Chamber’s premium employer of apprentices and trainees and Australia’s leading innovator of recruitment techniques, have hit the streets of Newcastle in a city-wide blitz.

We sent our Street Crew out from 8:00am to 3:00pm to doorknock local businesses on 1 May 2018; handing out ‘PowerPacks’ and starting the conversation around keeping Newcastle businesses performing by having the right candidates in their business.

We're in the news - Listen to Luke Radford talk about how Apprentices and Trainees can help your business

Newcastle’s biggest sectors are the industries most impacted by the national skills shortage, so too are they the sectors with the highest rates of job churn; leaving local businesses  struggling to capture and retain the right staff—particularly apprentices and trainees.

While a recent NSW Business Chamber report showed that the Hunter is doing better than other NSW regions, who are also battling for profitability and growth due to the impacts of the skills shortage and increasing operating costs, Newcastle sits in a risky position to stay number one.

Given it can cost, on average, six to nine months of an employee’s salary when they leave, and that the Hunter reports some of the highest levels of difficulty accessing suitably skilled staffiii, our mission is to start a conversation with employers about how they can train skills for the specific needs of their business, if they get the right candidate through the door.

We specialise in innovative ways to reach and capture young talent and they use unique methods, developed by a Registered Psychologist, to screen and match candidates to an organisations environment.

Luke Radford, Apprenticeship Career Australia Manager for the Hunter and Newcastle Region, says

“with research showing that apprentices and trainees are one of the best ways to train a workforce with the skills to tackle future industry growth and opportunities—Newcastle businesses need to think about how they are hiring and engaging young staff to remain competitive,”

Bob Hawes, Chief Executive Officer of the Hunter Business Chamber, says

“This is something that most businesses should be getting behind. It is an opportunity to let an industry leader come and talk about how they can help you access good staff; minimising the risk of bottom line blowouts due to high turnover.”