Resources for If You’re Feeling the Financial Pinch

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses and for a lot of us this has resulted in reduced hours or even job loss. Here are a few resources that might ease some of the financial strain.

Keep track of your finances with a budget tracker

The government has put out a free budgeting tool that you can find here to help you keep track of your money. You can download the Excel spreadsheet version and fill out your income (including any benefit payments etc.) and your expenses to make sure you stay in the green.

If you’re struggling with debt get some expert advice

The National Debt Helpline 1800 007 007 offers guidance in dealing with debt. The helpline can connect you with a counsellor who can advise you on managing debt and your options to reduce the strain. They can help with things like improving your financial situation, negotiating repayments, repaying debts etc.

If you need essentials, no interest loans are available

No interest loans are small loans that allow you to purchase things like household items like fridges and washing machines, medical expenses and car repairs. Go visit to learn more.

Inspiration: My Millenial Money

For more tips on how to manage your finances during COVID-19 check out Glen James & John Pidgeon (like Hamish and Andy for your finances) over at My Millenial Money.
If COVID-19 has caused you to experience financial pressure and this is causing you significant stress make sure to reach out to one of the online or telephone based supports listed or visit your GP to chat about seeing a psychologist. ACA will be releasing resources to help you through this time, so keep checking back here for more support. If you’d like resources on a particular topic let us know by hitting the Suggestion box!