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The Productivity Obsession: Why People Matter In Creating Thriving Businesses


Are you facing challenges when it comes to building relationships with your employees? Are you wondering how to best engage with young people in your business?  If so, this event will give you the tools you need to succeed. Join us to learn about:
  • The world of work in 2020 – how relationships and positive leadership drive profitable, thriving businesses
  • The stereotypical traits of Gen Z – how can you shape your recruitment and coaching to work with the youngest generation in the workplace
  • The productivity obsession – how flexibility, maximising efficiency and a reliance on technology defined the start of the 21st century
  • How to create a thriving business – it’s more than just a process!


danielle buckley profile

About Our Speaker: Danielle Buckley

Danielle Buckley is a Registered and Coaching Psychologist with extensive experience in Coaching, Counselling and Positive Psychology. Based in Hong Kong, Danielle has worked in Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia. Her expertise lies in helping individuals and organisations improve mental health and wellbeing through the coaching, counselling and positive psychology.

She is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, and regularly appears in the media providing thought leadership on mental health and wellbeing topics. Danielle has appeared on Sunrise, in the Daily Telegraph, ABC radio, Marie Claire, Dynamic Business, Red magazine and in a number of other publications.


Event Details - Orange, NSW

Where: The Hotel Canobolas, Orange
Address: 248 Summer St, Orange NSW 2800
When: Tuesday 11th Feb, 4:30pm for 5pm
Details: Arrive at 4:30pm to join us for drinks before our presentation.

Event Details - Dubbo, NSW

Where: Quality Inn, Dubbo
Address: 165 Whylandra St, Dubbo NSW 2830
When: Wednesday 12th Feb, 4:30pm for 5pm
Details: Arrive at 4:30pm to join us for drinks before our presentation.


This event series has now ended.
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