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Access high quality talent with Australia’s leading recruiter of apprentices and trainees. Our unique approach means we not only access top candidates, but we have proven methods to keep them happy and engaged in their job.

Why Partner With Us?


1. Innovative recruitment techniques

  • School connections - We have esablished networks with schools across NSW
  • Innovative events to attract the best possible candidates
  • Social media - tap in to our industry leading social media expertise

2. Candidate screening and matching tools

  • We use market-leading strengths based assessment tools to ensure you get a candidate that is suited to your business' envirmonment and needs.

3. Training & retaining your new talent

  • In consultation with our in-house Registered Psychologist we've developed intensive coaching programs and workshops to develop the mental toughness of your new hire, giving you the best chance of keeping them engaged on the job.

4. We bear the financial responsibility

  • We bear the full financial responsibility for the employment, training, payrolling, WHS as well as workers compensation expenses. This means you get a single invoice, while we handle the rest - removing the stress and hassle.



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“We have utilised the services of Apprenticeship Careers Australia over the past 12 months, to assist in finding Apprentices and Trainees to join our team.
 The team at Apprenticeship Careers Australia have not only been able to provide us with some excellent candidates but they have provided professional and prompt recruitment services and continually monitor their apprentices and trainees progress.
 This has been an efficient and cost effective way of finding our apprentices and we look forward to working with their team over the coming years.”
Lea H, General Manager, Hix Group Pty Ltd