Assessment Centre Information


As part of the assessment, we would like you to complete two tasks and tell us a little bit about yourself.

The first task is about your editing skills.

The second task assesses your practical marketing skills.

Lastly, we want to get to know you and what motivates you to apply for this role.

Task 1: editing

One of the key skills of being a successful marketing professional is to be able to communicate effectively in writing. The following assessment has been designed to evaluate your editing capabilities and attention to detail.


  • Download the editing task PDF
  • Open the PDF in Adobe PDF Reader/equivalent PDF reader
  • Use the comment tab to mark up any errors in grammar, spelling, incorrect information and punctuation
  • Save the document/image including your mark ups and name your document as ‘[fullname]-task1’ (e.g. DeeNguyen-task1) 
  • Attach it to the Task 1 form submission at the bottom of this page

Task 2: practical marketing

You've been tasked with driving event attendance for a careers expo through social media engaging with youth 18 - 25 year olds. Your task is to create a basic social media campaign plan for the next month. 

Key points to include:

  • Platforms - Choose one or two social media platforms and explain why you selected these platforms.
  • Content ideas - Provide three specific content ideas.
  • Posting schedule - Outline how often you should post on each platform.
  • Caption - Write one example of a caption you would use for each platform.

Please document your response, save the file as ‘[fullname]-task2’ (e.g. DeeNguyen-task2), upload as a PDF and attach it to the Task 2 form submission at the bottom of this page.

Please upload PDF. Maximum 5MB file size.
Please upload PDF. Maximum 5MB file size.