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  • Benefits of Starting an Apprenticeship/Traineeship

    Whether you’re looking to become a qualified tradesperson or want to gain hands-on experience in an area of interest, an apprenticeship or traineeship can provide a great pathway to your chosen career.

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  • How to retain your best people

    Retaining good staff is not all about salary. If you’re serious about retaining your top people in a competitive marketplace you need to get smarter about the employment package you’re offering.

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  • Apprentices: How to keep them happy and engaged

    Apprentices form the backbone of small businesses. However if you employ one and they end up leaving, it can prove to be extremely costly, especially if you’ve invested 6-12 months in training. You also need to factor in the costs associated with recruiting and re-training a new apprentice. 

    That’s why keeping your young apprentices happy and engaged is so important.

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  • Mental Health – Understanding the cost to your business

    Untreated mental health conditions, such as depression, costs Australian employers $10.9 billion every year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims.

    Other effects of mentally unhealthy workplace include poor morale and staff engagement, high staff turnover and potential pentalties for breaches of work health and safety legislation. The businesse's reputation is also at risk among potential clients, customers and employees.

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  • How do you keep Gen Y workers happy?

    Generation Y employees tend to dominate the hospitality sector, but what are they looking for in a job, a career and an employer? A recent survey evaluated strategies for attracting and retaining Gen Ys.

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