Discover how to find an apprenticeship

How to find an apprenticeship

Making the decision to take on an apprenticeship can be one of the most exciting phases in your life, because it signifies what will be the first step in your career! So, now that you’re set on taking this pathway – the next question is always how do I find an apprenticeship and what do I need to do to get started?


Before you get started:

Before you get started, the most important step is getting your resume sorted. All employers will need to suss out your resume before they consider hiring you, so getting this in order should be your number one priority before you start searching and applying for any roles. Our friends at Skillsroad have a fantastic Resume Builder tool which you can hit up to help you get started.
Remember, the key here is to list important items that showcase your goals, schooling achievements, work experience and most importantly any previous jobs you’ve held.

Advice hack: Consider pre-apprenticeship courses! Pre-apprenticeships are short, free introductory courses that allow you to get an insight into what your ideal apprenticeship is like. Get a taste to find out if the option you want to take is right for you. Once you’ve completed it, you can add it directly to your resume which will instantly put you ahead of your competition. On top of this, you’ll also have a head start because any units you complete in your pre-apprenticeship course will count towards your actual apprenticeship course - #nice!

Step one – Get your research on:

Once you’ve sorted out your resume, the next step is actually figuring out what apprenticeship you want to take – be it carpentry, plumbing, bricklaying, electrical or another option. If you have no idea what option you want to take, hit up our mates at Skillsroad who have a fantastic tool called the Job Fit Test – it lets you add up to 5 careers into a test which will then ask you some straight forward questions to test your suitability to those roles.
If you already know what option you want to take, good for you, read on at step two.

Step two – Job hunting:

Finding an apprenticeship has never been easier, but with so many options on the table, it’s important that you evaluate which option is best for you.

Going through a GTO

A GTO, also known as a group training organisation employs an apprentice or trainee and places them with a host business in their chosen field. So, for example if you’re considering a career in carpentry, a GTO will help you find an employer and organise the training for you through an organisation like TAFE. The benefit here is if your employer suddenly closes and you’re left out of work, the GTO will help you find another employer, saving you the hastle. You also get constant mentoring and support along the way. We are a GTO so if you’re considering going down this pathway – click here to find out more and to register your details.

Using an online jobs board

The other alternative is to directly apply for roles using online jobs boards. There are tons of options available for you including: SEEK, Indeed, JORA, Adzuna and more. Our friends at Skillsroad also have an online jobs board dedicated exclusively to entry level jobs including apprenticeships and traineeships, so we highly recommend going there to get started.
Finding an apprenticeship has never been as easy as it is today. For more information or to speak with someone from our team who can assist you further, contact us at 1300 765 155.
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