Boiler Making Apprenticeship-Brisbane

Location: Brisbane   
Classification: Trades & Services Metal Casting, Forging & Finishing Trades

Job Title

Boiler Making Apprenticeship-Brisbane

Company Name

Apprenticeship Careers Australia



Work Type



Trades & Services > Metal Casting, Forging & Finishing Trades

Open Date

15 Jun 2022

Closing Date

15 Jul 2022

Required Skills

Role Description

Apprenticeship Careers Australia (ACA) is looking for a Junior Apprentice Boiler Maker in Brisbane.

On and off the job training/tasks will include but is not limited to:
Using engineering drawings, measuring, marking, cutting, shaping, rolling, heating, forming, welding, assembling and fixing metal to produce or repair ships, boilers, storage tanks and other containers that have to withstand pressure.
Boilermakers may work indoors in large workshops or on site during shipbuilding or tank and pipeline construction. This type of work can be physically demanding and may also require duties such as:
  • Working on construction sites
  • Working at heights, in cramped spaces or on scaffolding
  • Heavy lifting
  • Frequent bending, squatting or kneeling
  • Climbing ladders

Contact Details

Brad Stafford, 0467818390,