Landscaping Apprenticeship

Landscaping Apprenticeship


Let your career blossom with a landscaping apprenticeship!


Landscaping & horticulture represents of Australia’s fastest-growing industries, closely linked to the housing boom. This rewarding career path involves: maintaining gardens, parks, golf courses as well as landscaping large and small construction projects.

By starting a landscaping apprenticeship you’ll be involved in:

  • Maintaining and preparing seedbeds and growing sites.
  • Planting flowers, trees, hedges and bushes for commercial and residential properties.
  • Setting out hardscape and softscape structures.
  • Assessing and maintaining large golf courses.
  • Pruning and trimming hedges.
  • Sourcing supplies.
  • Using machinery to shape branches including chainsaws and handsaws.
  • Spraying and dusting trees and plants to remove insects.

Skills you will need:

  • Passion for being outdoors
  • Ability to plan and multi-task
  • Ability to Problem solve
  • An eye for design

Career options available:

  • Landscape Gardener: People who carry out landscaping jobs across residential, commercial and large public settings. In this career path you will maintain and plant trees, lawns, flowers and hedges. You will also be involved in constructing pathways, retainer walls, water features and other outdoor structures.

  • Horticulture Workers: People who carry out garden based tasks as well as working in nurseries. This involves: potting plants, advising customers on products and services as well as assisting landscape gardeners in construction or planting-based work.

Potential entry level qualifications

  • Certificate II in Landscaping
  • Certificate III in Landscape Construction
  • Diploma of Landscape Design

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