Apprenticeship Careers Australia hits the streets of Newcastle!

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As a business owner we know you can often find yourself pressed for time...that's why we wanted to show you how you can get some back, by taking on the right apprentice or trainee for your business!

As a part of a city-wide campaign, the Apprenticeship Careers Australia crew will be hitting the streets of Newcastle on Wednesday May 2nd 2018 from 8am until 3pm, delivering local employers FREE business “PowerPacks” – which includes a three-pack box of powerade and instructions on how we can help you super-charge your business with apprentices and trainees.

You’ll also be able to have a free one-on-one consultation with our experts in the field. It’s our little way of showing YOU the power apprentices and trainees can provide your business, and how we can match you with the right one.

Interested? Register your details below and our team will come down to your local business on the day, prepped with your personal business “PowerPack”.



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